Customized Problem-Solving Chemistries


Water produced during oil and gas extraction is the industry’s largest waste stream and is subject to the most stringent discharge regulations. If treated properly, these billions of barrels of water can be recycled for operations, reducing disposal costs and be used in many beneficial ways. Henwil offers a patented drill cutting solidification process. Henwil has a team of experts with creative problem-solving chemistries.

Cationic Polymers – flocculants - used in the formation of larger particles for easier filtration
Anionic Polymers – used as flocculants or coagulant aids in industrial water clarification
Defoamers — reduce and hinder the formation of foam in industrial process liquids
Freeze-Proof Defoamers – defoaming performance even at temperatures below 0o C.
Solidification Product — polymers and natural based material that solidify water- and oil-based waste
Calcium Chloride — inexpensive source of calcium ions to increase hardness and improve efficiency in existing wells
Citric Acid – used for pH adjustment
Coagulants – help destabilize colloidal suspensions

Oil refinery at dusk
Small oil pump in a field
Row of pumping valves