Customized Problem-Solving Chemistries


Henwil has the problem-solving chemical solutions for municipal water treatment facilities to remove contaminants and disease-causing bacteria.

PolyDADMAC – coagulates & flocculates, inorganic & organic particles such as silt, clay, algae, bacteria & viruses
Anionic/Cationic Polymers – flocculants - used in the formation of larger particles for easier filtration
Defoamers — reduce & hinder the formation of foam & carryover into secondary processes
Coagulants – help destabilize colloidal suspensions
Odor Neutralizers - Odor Control – eliminate nuisance odors to surrounding areas



Henwil manufactures silicone, oil & alcohol based defoamers, formulated in a range of concentrations to meet your application performance custom needs. We also offer several foam control products with FDA and Kosher approval for use in food-grade applications. Henwil will tailor a product to meet your performance specifications. Our products are designed for stability, pumpability, and performance. All foam control products are available in pail, drum, 275-gallon tote, or bulk tank truck packaging.


Used for the separation of solids from fresh water, wastewater, and waste sludges.


Used for influent water clarification and the removal of organic color, minerals, and suspended solids.

Closeup of bubbles on water
Closeup of water droplets
Municipal water treatment ponds