Customized Problem-Solving Chemistries


It has been estimated that water-intensive industrial applications account for more than half the volume of all U.S. water pollution. Henwil has a wide variety of products that treat polluted wastewater created from industrial processes ranging from mining to food manufacturing. Water must be treated to be re-used, re-entered into the municipal treatment process, or returned into the environment, while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Mine tunnel with rails, lighting, and piping

Henwil supplies problem-solving chemistries for active water treatment and dust control at working mines.

Food Processing

Workers at food processing line

Food processing industries output a vast amount of wastewater that is highly polluted with organic substances. Reduce your facilities’ environmental impact and cost. 


Steel beam hot processing

Huge quantities of wastewater and sludge are generated in steel plants from its many processes for waste transfer, cooling and dust control.

Pulp & Paper

Paper spool being wound over industrial rollers

Pulping processes, washing, bleaching, and steam drying create a substantial volume of contaminant-laden effluent that must be treated onsite before it’s released into the environment. Henwil has many custom solutions for the pulp & paper industry.


Oil refinery at dusk

Refineries require on average 2.5 gallons of water for every gallon of crude oil processed with U.S. crude oil production at nearly 9 million barrels a day. Henwil has unique water programs to match the needs of the refinery industry.


Textile mill

Nearly all of the water used in wet processes for the textile industry requires treatment at the end-of-pipe for discharge or re-use. Water is the processing media for dyes, desizing, scouring, washing and finishing, which results in discharge of hazardous organics such as surfactants, metals and salts. Henwil can help with the right custom-blended solutions.