Customized Problem-Solving Chemistries


Our Mission:

A Specialty Chemical Company Offering Custom Solutions for Safe Re-use of Water

HENWIL CORPORATION is located in Newell PA, 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, on the banks of the Monongahela River, with barge, rail and interstate access. Henwil Corporation is a company that focuses on the use and re-use of water, formulates and manufactures a full line of products for municipal, oil/gas, boiler/cooling water and industrial process water treatment. We offer a variety of products for water clarification, foam control, scale & deposit control, odor control, solidification, and other specialty applications. Our products are used by municipalities, oil/gas, chemical manufacturers, refineries, pulp & paper manufacturers, steel producers, environmental services, dairy & food processors, and mining/mineral processors. We are able to break bulk from rail or tank trucks down to packaged goods (drum, pail and tote bins).

The plant has storage tanks from 6,000 gallons to 3.5 million gallons. Blending tank capacity is from 50 gallons to 10,000 gallons. Reactor sizes are 60 to 6,000 gallons. Henwil is positioned to provide water treatment professionals with the products they need to service their clients. At Henwil, our goal is to help you manage your water treatment chemistries needs. Whether it is water produced during oil and gas well drilling, mineral slurry drying, or incoming water clarification at a paper mill, we have the experience, knowledge, and chemistry to benefit your process.

Henwil Core Values

Water is the world’s most precious natural resource. Henwil Corporation takes great pride in being a trusted steward to the environment .