Customized Problem-Solving

HENWIL CORPORATION formulates and manufactures a full line of standard, custom blended, and private-label products for municipal, oil/gas, boiler/cooling water and industrial process water treatment, along with bulk breaking, transloading, and warehousing services at our facility south of Pittsburgh. We offer products for water clarification, foam control, scale & deposit control, odor control, solidification, dust control and other specialty applications .


Rectangular cooling tower

Prevent scale and corrosion, decrease downtime, and reduce operational costs with a water program from Henwil.

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Water treatment facility cleaning ponds

Henwil offers a wide variety of manufactured and custom-blended water-soluble polymers and liquid coagulants.

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Oil derrick and cranes

Our problem-solving chemistries improve the performance and profitability of your extraction operations, closed loop solids control & managed drill cuttings.

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Industrial pumps and pipe near water

Water-intensive industrial applications account for more than half the volume of all U.S. water pollution.

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